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The PHP Pager Contract is to support libraries that implement Pagination related components.


composer require sonsofphp/pager-contract



namespace SonsOfPHP\Contract\Pager;

interface AdapterInterface extends \Countable
     * This will return part of the total results
     * Offset is where the results to be returned will start, for example, if
     * offset is 0, it will start with the first record and return $length
     * Offset should always be 0 or greater
     * Length is how many results to return. For example, if length is 10, a
     * MAXIMUM of 10 results will be returned
     * Length MUST always be a positive number that is 1 or greater OR be null
     * If null is passed in as length, this should return ALL the results.
     * If the total number of results is less than length, an exception must
     * not be thrown.
     * @throws \InvalidArgumentException
     *   If offset or length is invalid, this expection will be thrown
    public function getSlice(int $offset, ?int $length): iterable;