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Currency Providers

The Currency Provider allows you to grab all the known Currencies. It also has a query method to pass in CurrencyProviderQuerys to return various results.

Basic Usage

Loop over Currencies

// @var CurrencyInterface $currency
foreach ($provider->getCurrencies() as $currency) {
    // Do something with each currency

Check if Provider has a Currency

// Check to see if the provider has the currency you are looking for
// @var bool $hasCurrency
$hasCurrency = $provider->hasCurrency('USD');
$hasCurrency = $provider->hasCurrency(Currency::USD());

Getting Currency from the Provider

// You can get a Currency like this. If the Currency does not exist
// it will throw an exception.
// @var CurrencyInterface $currency
$currency = $provider->getCurrency('USD');

$code      = $currency->getCurrencyCode(); // "USD"
$numCode   = $currency->getNumericCode(); // 840
$minorUnit = $currency->getMinorUnit(); // 2

Currency Providers


The CurrencyProvider is usually the one that you will be using most of the time. It provides most of the ISO 4217 currencies.

use SonsOfPHP\Component\Money\CurrencyProvider\CurrencyProvider;

$provider = new CurrencyProvider();


The XCurrencyProvider gives you access to all of the "X" Currencies. For example, this provider is where you will find the Currency "XTS" which is reserved for use in testing.

use SonsOfPHP\Component\Money\CurrencyProvider\XCurrencyProvider;

$provider = new XCurrencyProvider();


The ChainCurrencyProvider lets you use multiple Currency Providers together at once. It does not provide any currencies itself.

use SonsOfPHP\Component\Money\CurrencyProvider\ChainCurrencyProvider;
use SonsOfPHP\Component\Money\CurrencyProvider\CurrencyProvider;
use SonsOfPHP\Component\Money\CurrencyProvider\XCurrencyProvider;

$provider = new ChainCurrencyProvider([
    new CurrencyProvider(),
    new XCurrencyProvider(),

// You can add additional providers as well
$provider->addProvier(new MyCustomCurrencyProvider());