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The JSON Component is a wrapper around php's json_encode and json_decode.


composer require sonsofphp/json



use SonsOfPHP\Component\Json\Json;

// You use this as a drop-in replacement for json_encode and json_decode
$json = Json::encode($value);
$object = Json::decode($json);
$array = Json::decode($json, true);

// It comes with a JsonEncoder and JsonDecoder, see below for usage
$json = new Json();
$encoder = $json->getEncoder();
$decoder = $json->getDecoder();


use SonsOfPHP\Component\Json\JsonEncoder;

$encoder = new JsonEncoder();

// You can add various flags using the various JSON constants PHP provides. You
// can enter them one at a time or combine them
$encoder = $encoder
    ->withFlags(JSON_HEX_TAG | JSON_HEX_AMP);

// Removing flags is just as easy
$encoder = $encoder->withoutFlags(JSON_HEX_TAG);

// Changing the depth is just as easy
$encoder = $encoder->withDepth(256);

// Once you are ready, you just encode the value to output json
$json = $encoder->encode($value);

// You can chain everything together as well
$json = (new JsonEncoder())


use SonsOfPHP\Component\Json\JsonDecoder;

$decoder = new JsonDecoder();

// Add & Remove flags with the constants provided by PHP
$decoder = $decoder

// Change the depth
$decoder = $decoder->withDepth(256);

// Easy to return array
$decoder = $decoder->asArray();

// Decode the json
$array = $decoder->decode($json);

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