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The Clock Component is a wrapper around PHP's native DateTime objects and functions. Using the Clock Component helps you test and keep everything a standard timezone


composer require sonsofphp/clock



The SystemClock is generally used in production. If you need check timestamps or manage dates and times, this is the Clock you want to use. Use Dependency Injection to make it easy to test with.


use SonsOfPHP\Component\Clock\SystemClock;

$clock = new SystemClock();

$now = $clock->now(); // Returns a DateTimeImmutable object


The FixedClock is used for testing. Just set the time and inject into your class.

use SonsOfPHP\Component\Clock\FixedClock;

$clock = new FixedClock();
$firstNow = $clock->now();
$secondNow = $clock->now();

var_dump($firstNow === $secondNow); // true

// You can update the internal time at any time.
$clock->tick(); // Updates the internal clock to the curent time
$thridNow = $clock->now();

var_dump($firstNow === $secondNow); // still true
var_dump($firstNow === $thirdNow); // false
var_dump($thirdNow === $secondNow); // false

// You can also set the internal clock to whatever time you need it to be
$clock->tickTo('2022-04-20 04:20:00'); // format is "Y-m-d H:i:s"